for Your Colon

Alleviate Constipation Fast

Constipation Nation

If you take any pharmaceutical drugs from a medical doctor, you’re constipated. If you eat out at restaurants, you’re constipated. If you eat meat, you’re constipated. Male patients tell me “I poop every single day Doc.” Come to find out, the poop was only as big as a quarter. That’s it.

Do you poop one little tiny rock each day or you just don’t poop at all? You just found a poop doctor with five decades of experience with helping people with just that issue. If you’re not pooping one to two pounds of waste per day, you’re constipated. I have the antidotes for you right here. I have helped thousands of people for 50 years stay un-constipated.

The hiker and the shopper in these pictures appear to be healthy. After years of eating fries & pies, their food can no longer make the 30-foot journey through their intestines anymore. When this happens, blockages form.

The blockages of rotted food attract microscopic bugs. The microscopic bugs feed on those blockages. The microscopic bugs then poop and pee inside you. This scenario is what makes you feel a little off or feel sickish and you just don’t know why.

These two people may think they’re healthy because they’re active all the time. But they’re completely oblivious to the dirty status of the longest (over 30 feet from mouth to butt), heaviest (can weigh 60 to 80 pounds full of poop), most important organ in their bodies. People are “KILLING THEIR OWN SELVES.”