Frequently Asked Question About Our Therapies

What are some primary indications that a person would want to receive a colonic or a series of colonics using colon hydrotherapy?

We have found, that after thousands of clients and thousands of clinical studies, that colonics with colon hydrotherapy relieves stagnation by removing wastes from the colon, thereby losing weight instantly; weight loss on average of 3 to 5 pounds upon initial visit and much more on subsequent visits; hydration of the large intestines; helps to decrease gut permeability; improves bowel motility; encourages peristaltic action; improving nutrient absorption; rebalancing gut bacteria and contributing to liver, blood, and kidney cleansing. Some collateral advantages often perceived by our clients are; as prevention against degenerative diseases; management of IBS, bloating, and alternating constipation and diarrhea; helping to clear up the skin, symptoms of acne and to remove dark circles from under the eyes; increasing the energy levels, stamina, and reducing the need for long sleep; encouraging weight loss and long-term weight management; helping to manage food & sugar, alcohol, and cigarette cravings; helping with the release of emotional wastes stored in the large bowel; helping to manage intolerances such as gluten, processed foods, etc.; as a kick start of healthy living; as a visual reinforcement of the need to eat healthy and hydrate the body; and finally as a contribution to knowledge about the body and establishing connections between ones's physical, intellectual, and emotional being.

Will I need to ask a driver to bring me back and forth to my colonic?

No, absolutely not. You will be very much alert, capable, & aware after a refreshing colonic. It's a very simple therapy.

I have hemorrhoids. Will it hurt me to receive a colonic?

Most every single client we have has hemorrhoids, including your therapist. Our therapist is gentle & respectful and very aware of your sensitivity in the area. She will use a numbing cream before she applies the colonic.

A therapist at a previous clinic denied me my colonic, stating I had worn perfume to my appointment. Do you do that too?

When you call us to book your appointment, our nurse will ask you to refrain from wearing men's colognes, sprays, aftershaves, or women's perfumes, sprays, aromatherapies, essential oils, or flower essences when you plan to enter our clinic. A large portion of our clients have severe allergies to the chemicals in those products. According to our source http://bit.ly/1IYYDWo, a new analysis reveals that top-selling fragrance products contain a dozen or more secret chemicals not listed on labels, multiple chemicals that can trigger allergic reactions or disrupt hormones, and many substances that have not been assessed for safety by the industry's self-policing review panels. In an effort to protect our staff and clients from toxic chemicals, please save your aromas for after you leave our clinic.

What is colon hydrotherapy?

Colonics, colon hydrotherapy, colon irrigation, colon lavage, and high colonic all mean the same thing. It is a therapy session that provides an effective and safe method for cleansing the three to five foot long, two and a half inch diameter colon without any sanitation risk. Triple purified water is used to gently flush the colon of waste material, which may stay trapped in the colon for some time. This waste material may be impacted feces, mucous, parasites, dead cellular tissue, worms, etc., and may cause problem conditions.

We think of colonics as a rejuvenation treatment. Colonics exercise the colon muscles by increasing muscular contractions or peristalsis. Colonics hydrate the colon, assisting in elimination. Colonics reshape the colon after problem conditions have existed. The water action coupled with massage techniques helps to eliminate bulging pockets of waste. We want to enable the colon to resume its natural state.

Every single system and organ in the body is connected to the colon by reflex points. Similar to reflexology, colonics stimulate these points and then affect the corresponding body part in a beneficial way.

After speaking with our skilled therapist, you may be enlightened with a new awareness about your skin, abdomen, and eliminations. Colonics help you create a holistic view of your body’s functions. You may also have an increased awareness about stress and the role it plays in eliminations. The solar plexus is the emotional center of your body and your transverse colon runs right through it. If you are stressed, tension in the solar plexus results in less movement of fecal matter in the colon.

How long has colon hydrotherapy/irrigation been around?

About 3,707 years! There’s been a recent resurgence in natural healing approaches and colonics have regained respectability.

Is colon hydrotherapy/irrigation like an enema?

While claims are made that the enema circulates through the colon, no evidence exists that enemas of any type are able to move water up beyond the splenic flexure of the colon. Enemas do not clear the ascending or transverse colon as is shown by a colonoscopy after colonics (see diagram for body parts listed). Additionally, there is no evidence of improved muscle tone. Our technologically advanced device allows us to cleanse hard to reach places, such as the appendix area, where matter can get trapped and may cause appendicitis.

Will I lose weight utilizing colonics?

Colonics may be very helpful at assisting to rid the colon of built-up waste material. Medical doctors have found in autopsies as much as twenty-five to thirty pounds of built-up and undigested fecal matter in the colon. If you have less built up and impacted waste material, the less you will weigh. Continued physiological weight loss on a metabolic level under the supervision of our nutritional certified colon hydrotherapist is possible, and you may continue to lose weight in a healthy manner. If you are not having three bowel movements a day, you may have a clogged colon. The colon gets clogged or sluggish by use of over the counter medicines, prescription drugs, lack of water, lack of fiber, lack of digestive enzymes, and proper food combining, lack of exercise, tens of thousands of chemicals in air, water and food, as well as by many other factors. Unless you clean your colon, digestion will remain slow, metabolism will remain slow, food cravings will remain high, hunger will remain high due to lack of nutrients being absorbed properly, and you may never lose weight.

What do you use to clean the colon with?

100% triple purified water only. The water is purified by charcoal and particle filters and an ultraviolet light that zaps the smallest bacteria. There are no additives in our water. We always use all disposable speculums and tubing.

How many bowel movements should I have per day?

Unless you are having two to three good bowel movements every day, you are probably constipated and invariably toxic. The colon becomes overworked and the toxic overload accumulates throughout your entire body, getting reabsorbed in through the bloodstream and recirculated.

Besides obvious constipation, what are some signs I need colonics?

There are several signs besides constipation that a colonic would be needed. If you have ever had a bowel movement and left marks in the bowl, this is a sign of mucus in the stool. The clay-like substance seen in the bowl is lining the walls of colon also. Another sign is waste material that has a pudding-like consistency or waste that comes out the width of pencils are indicative of matter built up and full releases are not happening. If it takes you more than twice to wipe clean, that is also a sign of buildup. If you grunt and groan and push so hard you see stars or you can read hours of information while on the commode, that is definitely the time to call us. Other symptoms of colon build-up and toxins in the body are weight problems, brittle hand and toenails, lack of concentration, short term memory problems, low sex drive, chronic yeast infections, acne or pale and dry skin, compromised immune system evident by getting sick or catching colds often, mood swings, depression, gas, flatulence, bloating, allergies, frequent headaches, general weakness, sleeping problems,and chronic urinary tract infections.

Does one colonic clean my entire colon?

If you have never had colonics before or your last colonic was more than 6 months to a year ago, there will most likely be built-up matter. Your colon muscle is loaded with convolutions and sacculations. After roughly tens of thousands of chemicals enter it, one colonic is a great idea. A series is categorically better. Ask us about our discounts for purchasing three or more colonics in a series set.

I am already gassy, bloated, and constipated, will the colonic session hurt?

No. It will relieve that gas, bloat, and constipation. We have repeated reports of tremendous relief.​

Why should I come in for colonics when I can just buy one of the hundreds of colon cleanses on the market?

A colon cleansing kit and a colon hydrotherapy session are two very different ideas. The advertisements for the kits educate well with regard to the proper functioning of the colon, and consumers believe they are buying a good, helpful product. Notice that they do not talk about their ingredients. The most popular cleanses today use bentonite clay, which claims to draw out toxins. While bentonite clay is a common ingredient in these cleansing products, some people may not be aware of bentonite clay’s aluminum content. One of the main reasons for cleansing is to remove harmful metals from the body, not to ingest them. Furthermore, most kits are glorified purgatives that cause the colon muscle to expel instead of working with the natural harmonious tone of the colon walls or peristaltic wave the way colonics do. If you do feel you need a tablet or powder cleanse, try one that supplies you with a 100% money-back guarantee, phone numbers to contact for questions/complaints, and ingredient list. Look for reviews on the internet. Remember, even if you purchase a colon cleanse kit, they are in no way related to a colon hydrotherapy session.​

What is the single most important thing I can do in the days leading up to my colonic?

Drink half your body weight in fluid ounces of pure water, not tap water. Distilled water is the best. This should be a practice for every day of your life. For example, if you weigh 200 pounds, then you should drink 100 ounces of water per day to support that weight, or five 20-ounce bottles. When you don’t do that, our analogy for the scenario is a stagnant pond, if you do drink half your body weight in fluid ounces of pure water, our analogy would then be a pond with a cool clean water supply running through it every day.​

I read that colonic sessions can assist the detoxification of the whole body, is that true?

Yes. The colon or large intestine is only one of your body’s five channels of elimination and the most obvious one. The lungs, lymph system, kidneys, and skin each have crucial roles to play in the cleansing process, and we’ll educate you as to how to address them all to get maximum results.​

How do I get toxins in my body in the first place?

Smoke, tap water, showering without water filters, restaurant foods (exceptions are 100% organic restaurants, and there is still no guarantee), microwaved foods, any “diet” foods, MSG, farm-raised fish, prescription drugs, over the counter medications, sunscreens, antiperspirants, hot tubs, swimming pools, dry cleaned clothes, non-stick cookware, air fresheners, creams, lotions, toothpaste, shampoo, high fructose corn syrup, fluoride, and pollutants in the air just to name a few. We feel the list is endless. We can try to reverse the damage by starting to cleanse, and the best way to start is to begin cleansing your colon.

Someone told me colonics rob my electrolyte balance. Is that true?

No. This is a myth. Most of the material removed by a colonic has already had fluid and electrolytes removed from it naturally. If someone ever felt their electrolyte balance was disturbed, they could easily replace it ingesting a little food and drink.​

I have diverticulitis, can I receive colonics?

No. Diverticulitis and some other conditions listed here are contraindicated for colonics here at Intestinal Fitness. The other conditions are: abdominal or rectal tumors, acute Crohn’s disease, intestinal perforation, cirrhosis, fistula or fissures, pregnancy, ulcerative colitis, abdominal hernia, recent colon or rectal surgery, recent heart attack, epilepsy, psychoses, vascular aneurysm, renal insufficiency, carcinoma of the rectum, uncontrolled hypertension, history of seizures or GI bleeding, cancer of any part of the GI tract, and just general debilitation.​

Should I take a lot of fiber before my colonic?

Yes, but only if it’s in the form of fruits, vegetables, beans, peas, and whole grains. Fiber in the form of a capsule will slow down the process, and will make it harder for us to get to the cleaning process. Especially if you're already not having two to three bowel movements per day and are not drinking enough water. That will just make a harder, bulkier stool to remove before we start to clean the walls of the colon.​

I heard about intestinal flora. What does that mean?

Your digestive tract houses about four pounds of bacteria. There are three main types: those that cause disease, those that have an apparent neutral effect, and those that benefit us. The balance of these microbes is essential to your intestinal tract and total health. Beneficial bacteria are called intestinal flora.​

I have had a number of urinary tract infections. Can colonics help me?

Yes. Consider that “biotic” means life or having to do with living things. Most likely, when you were diagnosed with a urinary tract infection, you were placed on an antibiotic. Nine times out of ten it worked, too. However, within a short period of time, you probably got another and another and then another one. When we take antibiotics, they indiscriminately kill both friendly and unfriendly biotics, leaving the unfriendly ones at an advantage. We’re left with reoccurring infections. It is important to replace the friendly organisms with probiotics and at the same time, cleanse the colon of the decaying waste of the friendly and unfriendly biotics. We are highly trained to help you navigate through to restoring your inner flora balance.​

I heard that more than half of Americans have some kind of unhealthy parasite. Is that true?

It’s not exactly known how many humans have parasites but we do know that we see them or their eggs in the viewing tube during colonic sessions quite regularly. We also know that parasites themselves or their eggs are in our air, on our pets, as well as on inanimate objects and are easily distributed among our society, hand to mouth and foods to mouth. We recommend that you do a parasite cleanse once a year at a minimum, whether you think you have them or not. The parasite cleanse we recommend is full of great herbs that are beneficial for your body.​

Will there be someone there I can talk to about my SAD (Standard American Diet)?

Definitely! We are trained in the fields of health and nutrition to help you navigate from a non-nutritive diet to a restorative plan.​

How do colonics improve my immune function?

About 70% of immune tissue resides in the intestines. When we remove waste material that is hardened, stagnant, toxic, and built up on this tissue, it may rejuvenate the tissue. Colon hydrotherapy is not a cure for immune diseases, but can be an important part of the health care of a patient with immune-deficient diseases.

A colonic therapist told me to take a laxative before I came for a colonic! I thought that was stupid. Why did they tell me that?

We don’t know why they told you that, however, our motto is please come as you are so we can get a picture of the real you. We never recommend laxatives. The colon muscle becomes weaker with use of any purgatives. We want a stronger colon muscle. We help you “MOVE A MUSCLE FROM BEGINNING TO END!”

Can I eat right after my colonic?

Yes, but avoid foods that are gas-producing foods for you. Eat a moderate amount of whatever is gentle on your system. Fruit and vegetable juices are always a great choice.

Are colonics something I will need to do for the rest of my life?

Once you are introduced to colonics, we are convinced you will look forward to your colonics as many times as your motivation and your schedule will allow you!

Are colonics embarrassing?

No. Not here at the Intestinal Fitness office. A three-room section of our suite is designated for you only. You’ll have a private dressing area, bathroom, and therapy room. We maintain your integrity, as well as acknowledge and honor your emotions.​

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