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About Gabby & Rebecca

All good health and/or bad health begins in your intestines!

We were trained professionals in the medical field, but between the two of us, we were struggling with being pre-diabetic, overweight, having hypertension, experiencing brain fog and confusion, restlessness, and insomnia.  

We found each other and got our health back in check, after not finding the right answers in traditional medicine.  

We started to focus on natural cleansing methods, realizing how toxic our levels had become. Now we want to share the knowledge we have gained, outside of our traditional professions, to help you.


All-Natural Tests & Services

  • Colonics

  • Ionic Footbaths

  • Dry Far Infrared Saunas

  • Iridology Readings (Iris Reading)

  • MRT (Muscle Response Testing)

  • Saliva & Urine PH Balance Testing

  • Face, Tongue, and Nail Reading

  • Nutritional Test Points

  • Weight Loss

  • Liver & Gallbladder Flush

  • Keto Diet Pros & Cons

  • Identify Root Cause

Gabrielle Rosina Lena Diamante, N.D.

There are several terms that refer to cleansing the organ in your body known as the colon. A colonic, colon hydrotherapy session, colon cleansing, colonic irrigation, colonics, colonic cleansing, and high enema. The therapist will assist your colon in releasing all the built-up mucus, gas, black sludge, grease, crumbs, parasites, and bloat, bile drips from a gallbladder that was removed.

All colonic therapists are not made equal. When you choose Colonics Raleigh, NC and Intestinal Fitness, you are hiring Dr. Gabrielle Diamante, N.D. Anyone can perform a colonic if they have a high school education. Those therapists are very easy to find.

You may want to discover Intestinal Fitness Colonics in Raleigh, NC because no one takes your guided cleansing tour more serious than Dr. G.

Gabby has a passion for foods and nutrition. She obtained a degree in Culinary Arts and had a successful career coaching hundreds of people to cook more healthfully.

She understands how the foods you eat are assimilated into the body on a molecular level. She has six years formal studies in foods & nutrition; obtained a degree in Dietetics

She studied colon hydrotherapy from an instructor that has thirty years of experience; she graduated top of her class and then stayed on to work for the school.

She has since opened her practice, Intestinal Fitness, LLC in Raleigh, NC, which provides services to include Iridology readings, Dried Blood Analysis (DBA), Muscle response testing (MRT); Colonic Irrigation; Therapeutic Lymphatic massages; Dry far infrared saunas, Ionic detoxification footbaths, Applied Kinesiology (AK) testing organs, systems, & nutritional points to get to root cause.

Gabrielle obtained a two-year certification as a Certified Natural Health Professional, C.N.H.P., which includes the study of Iridology & herbology.

She has since studied to become a Doctor of Naturopathy, N.D., getting and staying well the natural way without drugs.

The reason we tell you the above information is to show you how serious we are about guiding your detoxification & refortification program from beginning to end! If you simply want to come in and receive a colonic, foot detox, massage, sauna, and run right back out the door, that's fine, we would love to have you.

However, on the other hand, if you want to clean your body's filters, colon, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, kidneys, lungs, and skin and take your cleansing to a point where you are so clean and happy, like new again, you should make your appointment with us. We will handle you with kid gloves.

So if you have experienced taking a super nutritional supplement, or herb, or medication, and you feel great for a short while — then it seems to stop working, and you don't feel the same, and you wonder WHY? In metabolizing the same substance over and over again, you can adapt to it, minimizing its effects over time and even depleting your energies in certain areas. Masking a symptom of the root cause.

The body must be free to perform thousands of dynamic functions, rather than constantly responding to one specific activity of the same substance. Maybe the body has healed itself at that level, and it’s time to move on to something else, but it can't if you're still giving it the same treatment. The healing process stops, the therapeutic effects can even be reversed.

Make sure the colonic therapist you choose has the knowledge it takes to make sure you cleanse your organs in the proper format and not some random way like a guessing game.

Thousands of clients tell us they just do not know where to begin.  We will lead you down a natural path to help you find the "ROOT" cause of your negative symptoms.

"I propose that we teach anyone, from any background, whatever it is they need to know to create a better internal cleanliness."

Rebecca Sorrell, R.N., C.N.H.P.

A Registered Nurse, R.N. and Certified Natural Health Professional, C.N.H.P. with a passion for helping people, Rebecca is co-owner of Intestinal Fitness, LLC. She believes complementary health modalities need to be incorporated with traditional, mainstream, allopathic, conventional, medical approaches, and her own health history provides the foundation for her belief.

Starting in her infancy, Rebecca had severe recurring ear infections, and when kindergarten started so did bronchitis, sinus, and throat infections, which continued through grade and high schools. Despite her physical challenges, Rebecca's first career as a hairdresser for 20 years initiated a pathway of service, which inspired her to pursue a nursing degree.

In her early twenties, new problems arose, including infertility and continuous vaginal and skin infections. Inevitably, the constant dosage of different antibiotics in her youth had led to a weakened immune system as an adult. From her 30s to her 40s, she suffered from frequent sinus infections and respiratory issues that became worse after age 40. Fatigue, brain fog, and intolerance to carbohydrates sent her to doctor after doctor, with the general diagnosis being "some people have more infections than others." She was checked for outdoor allergies but never checked for food allergies. Between 2000 and 2004, Rebecca's signs and symptoms of sickness had reached an all-time high and her immune system had reached an all-time low.

Thankfully, in 2004, her work brought her into contact with Gabrielle Rosina Lena Diamante, where they both worked for an NC state Public Health Department. Their conversations introduced Rebecca to an alternate way of thinking about her health issues.

She started with colonics, saw naturopathic doctors, and got on the right track with her diet, using the proper herbs to build up her immune system. The colonics kept her system flushed and her health started to improve. She discovered that she had leaky gut syndrome — a condition where microscopic holes in the small intestine cause food to leak out into the system, mostly caused by yeast overgrowth from overuse of antibiotics and severe stress.

Probiotics, digestive enzymes, internal cleansing, colonics, alkaline eating plans, building up adrenals, thyroid, etc, etc helped heal her intestinal issues and Rebecca has been infection & antibiotic-free and healthy since 2005. It turned out that allergies to dairy and gluten had been the main triggers of her body's distress signals.

In 2007, Rebecca and Gabrielle opened a natural health and wellness clinic. Her professional knowledge and deep level of caring are evident in her status as an R.N., Ionic Detox footbath specialist, C.N.H.P., Clinic Manager, and Natural Health Coach. Rebecca's enthusiasm for natural wellness is leading her into a certification as a Master Herbalist.

"I entered the field of complementary health since for decades I couldn't find help in the mainstream medical world. Natural Health Modalities were better suited for me with my issues. I believe there are hundreds of Natural Health Modalities to be explored and ideally should be incorporated with traditional methods." - Rebecca Anne Sorrell